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5 minutes with... Emily King

  Yesterday we met up with Emily King, International British event rider, European Gold and Silver medallist and U21 and U25 National Champion. Emily had just arrived back in the UK after finishing 14th at the 7 year old World Championships at Mondial du Lion in France so we were lucky to grab a 5 minute interview!   Name: Emily King   Age: 22   Discipline: Eventing   Level: 4* Event   Instagram: @emilykingofficial   How many horses do you currently have?   I currently have 10 horses plus a few babies! It certainly keeps me busy!   Tell us a little bit about your main/top horse   So my main horse is called Dargun, or ‘dre’ for short, like...

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CYBER BULLYING: Don’t be that person.

Hey guys,So a blog about cyber bulling/ internet ‘trolling’ has been a looooong time coming but after a small blow up on our Instagram, I thought it was needed ASAP. Bare with me whilst I get to the point, but for anyone who didn’t see or doesn’t follow our Instagram – I’ll summarise what happened!My background is horse riding. I’ve ridden since age 4, done dressage since I was 8 and represented Great Britain internationally since I was 12. I have won my fair share of International competitions and currently riding at Prix St George/Inter I. I am a rider first and a clothing brand owner second. I love to inject my riding experience into the brand as everything has...

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Hey guys! I’m so sorry I’ve not done a blog in a while – things seem to have taken off here at Black Heart Equestrian and I’m kind of swamped!  It has been so busy with orders and planning that I even forgot that it was our first birthday on the 23rd of August! Next year we will have to celebrate properly! One full year in business at Black Heart – where on earth did that time go?  Things feel crazy different, this time last year we were only selling a small range of hoodies and t-shirts and now we have a huge product range containing leggings, base layers, breeches, show shirts, hoodies, t-shirts, training outfits and accessories with many...

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Instagram Q&A

A lot of you voted for me to do a Q&A and these are some of the questions that were suggested on my Instagram post! How old are you? I’m 20, 21 in September! How did you start riding? I started riding a little Shetland called Eddie when I was a couple of years old and then I just kept riding from then! How many horses have you owned? There was Eddie the Shetland, my first pony, 12'2" Twinkle, then the gorgeous palomino Moonlight, followed by the very cheeky Badger who I first started dressage on! I then got the bug for dressage so got the even cheekier but gorgeous pony Dublin who taught me to sit a buck!  I then...

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Body Confidence

Body confidence is a subject that I feel is soooo important in this day and age. Due to the rise in social media over the last few years, body confidence issues have also risen. This is likely due to girls comparing themselves to what is called ‘fitspo’ or ‘thinspo’ or even the opposite end of the spectrum with people promoting an unhealthy body image or relationship with food  Something we see a lot of on Black Heart social media are the negative comments about me or our models figures. ‘Too much Photoshop’, ‘Sticking her ass out sooo much’ just to name a couple! I’ve also seen some companies on social media recently talking about ‘real riders bodies’ and how it’s...

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