The 4 elements - earth, air, water, and fire - are linked to the 12 signs of the zodiac, determined by birth and cosmic alignment.


Each element contains 3 of the zodiac signs with similar characteristics and traits.  This extends to certain colours that connect and resonate with each element, known as 'power colours'.


Discover how your elemental sign can be used to find the right colour palette for your riding wardrobe:





As an earth sign, you keep it real. You're a grounded, sensible person - someone people can rely on. Due to your grounded and calming personality, our green tones will suit you best. Look out for Forest, Olive and Khaki when making your next BH purchase! 




Air signs breeze through life, never pausing to catch a breath. They are intelligent, yet indecisive people, because of this neutral colours will be your best friend. You should look out for Caramel, Chocolate and Stone so you can always mix and match on those indecisive days. 




Fire signs are passionate and charming, they know what they want. The most bold of the zodiac, nothing stands in their way. A fire sign loves to stand out, our brighter colours will help you do just this. Your next BH purchase should include Wine, Pistachio or Pink, all bold and beautiful to help turn heads. 




It is known that water signs are emotional people, who let their heart lead. They are sentimental and caring individuals, who go with the flow. You should keep an eye out for Navy, Aqua and Metal to suit your emotional side when adding more BH to your wardrobe.


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