Since launching in October 2021, our Cara Hybrids have taken the equestrian world by storm!

As riders ourselves, we wanted a product that sat between leggings and traditional breeches.  With the comfort and stretch of leggings, yet with the look and tailoring of breeches! 


After many different versions, we finally created what we have called the Cara Hybrid, which is a hybrid (combination) of leggings and breeches.


Hybrid:  a thing made by combining two different elements 


We considered many different names such as Fusion (sounded like a type of cuisine!), Combo, Cross, Mix and loads of other options but as we kept referring to them during sampling and manufacturing as 'the hybrids' we decided on the Cara Hybrid!  We added Cara because we may or may not have another type of hybrid coming out later in the year (cough cough!).


In order to offer a wider range of options for our customers, we had looked at adding silicone grip to our popular Flex leggings.  However, the feedback received was that not everyone wants silicone grip for riding, and the fact that so many of our customers wear their Flex leggings to the gym, yoga and all other sports, not just for riding. Therefore we didn't feel the addition of a silicone seat on our Flex leggings would work and so it was back to the drawing board!



So we designed a brand new style of breeches from scratch with a zip front, belt loops, deep phone pockets and structured waist band, then searched high and low for the best quality, stretchiest fabric available and after many sample runs, the Cara Hybrid was born.  

Made from a firm yet super stretchy soft fabric the Cara Hybrids retain their shape when worn, don't go loose and baggy around the knees, are as comfy as leggings  yet smart enough to wear for competition.  Made from a mid weight fabric, the Cara Hybrids have a slightly more fitted feel than our Flex leggings but have the same full 360˚ freedom of movement for the absolute perfect fit!


They feel and look so good we have already had many requests to make them without silicone grip so customers can wear them for golf, walking and for casual wear instead of jeans!!





Our groundbreaking Cara Hybrids were the first of this type of leggings/breeches combo on the market and now many other companies are taking inspiration from these game changers!  If you have ever ridden in these, you will know why! However, we are very proud to call Black Heart the Home of the Hybrid!


The Cara Hybrids have quickly become one of our best sellers and in true Black Heart style, we love having a huge range of colour options!  Currently we have 17 colours available, including our new 'competition colour' Light Grey and our new Limited Edition Pink.  Then something extra special is on the cards for later in the year!





We hope you love them as much as we do!  Drop us a message and let us know what colours you would like to see next.


Team BHE 🖤