As coronavirus takes it's toll and many of us being made to self-isolate, we are  having to find creative ways to keep ourselves amused.  Many people are unable to ride their horses and, in some places, not even allowed to visit their horse.  A great quarantine pastime is listening to podcasts.  Normally we can be too distracted or busy to listen to podcasts unless we are commuting but with these unusual circumstances there is never a better time.


The dictionary definition of a podcast is: A digital audio file made available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or mobile device, typically available as a series, new installments of which can be received by subscribers automatically. The term Podcast is actually a combination  of the words iPod and Broadcast.


We asked on the Black Heart Instagram story for your recommendations of good horsey podcasts to listen to.  One podcast was suggested by pretty much every one - Tack Room Tales by Olivia Towers Dressage.  So we thought we would have a listen and - yes, we agree - it is definitely worth listening too!



Olivia is a professional dressage rider and coach and is also a popular social media personality, known for her You Tube blogs and podcasts.  What sets Olivia aside from many other social media influencers - and what makes her particularly relatable to so many - is her openness to talk about self-doubt and low confidence. Her goal is to inspire and motivate others to invest in themselves and in doing so thrive, both as riders and as people.

"I started the new series Tackroom Tales with Towers at the start of the year, " Olivia says, when discussing her new series. "The idea came from wanting to open up conversations with other professional riders to let everyone know we all have highs and lows on our journey.  I think there is a perception that everyone else's story is a smooth run but I knew from being with other horsey people we all share similar struggles and insecurities.  I have been blown away by the response from people listening and now realise how needed this was.  I have also made deeper connections with fellow riders and feel so much compassion for everyone chasing their dreams.  I am looking to open the series up to other disciplines and roles in the equestrian world to get an over all, realistic view for my followers, to hopefully inspire them on their personal journey."



The Tackroom Tales Series includes interviews with:

  • Claire Gallimore
  • Olivia Cornick
  • Alice Oppenheimer
  • Lucinda Elliott
  • Olivia Oakeley
  • Abi Lyle
  • Dannie Morgan
  • Jezz Palmer and Lucy Pye
  • Tina Wallace
  • Beth Bainbridge
  • Steph Croxford

In addition to the Tackroom Tales series, Olivia's vast library of podcasts cover a wide range of topics from pre-riding pep talks to her own struggles.  They are incredibly inspirational and informative.  We highly recommend having a listen as there is definitely something to suit everyone!






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