As we are heading towards our second summer with Black Heart Equestrian, we thought it was time to do an update!  At the end of August we will have been in business for two years - where has the time gone?!  Black Heart Equestrian has come such a long way, especially in the last year, and we have really developed into our own brand with a unique range of products designed and produced by ourselves.  Around September last year things got incredibly busy for us and with the addition of Horse of the Year Show, Your Horse Live and Olympia as well as an incredible Black Friday weekend, the brand really moved up a level in the marketplace.


It has been pretty hectic since then to say the least but the good news for me personally is that I have now just finished university and I feel very lucky to have a (very) full time job already.  The commute to London for university as well as riding my horses and running Black Heart Equestrian in Sheffield/Derbyshire has been a major challenge and I am relieved to be able to spend less time on the road and more in the office and stables!  

But of course we don’t like to sit still so we have recently released four new colours of our bestselling Flex leggings and base layers to bring our range of colours from the original 4 to now 12!  These continue to be a great favourite with our customers and some people who live by my own motto of ‘you can never have too many pairs of leggings’  actually have all 12 colours!  We have more colours in our Sculpture leggings coming very soon which will bring our range from 5 colours to 8!  For a new company this is a major achievement - 20 different leggings options in 2 years, imagine how many we might have after 5 years?!!   The feedback from our customers has been overwhelming and we are incredibly grateful for all the support we have received.


Other new products coming soon include more colours of saddle pads in cob and full size, more breeches and a new range of performance tops for the summer.  We are also currently finishing designing and testing even more new products for this autumn which you will love!!  But it’s so hard to keep everything under wraps until they are ready!

Excitingly, we are adding the Dublin Horse Show to our show schedule.  It’s on the 7-11th August 2019 and Dublin is one of my favourite cities so should be a good show. If you are in Ireland then please call in and see us!

As well as Dublin we have a number of other shows planned - we love attending shows as it gives us the opportunity to meet our customers and to showcase our products.  It’s a new world for me going to horse shows without a horse but now university is done and dusted, I would love to bring Black Heart and compete a horse at the same show!


Many of you will already know that recently we did a photoshoot with my friend GB grand prix rider Ellie McCarthy and the most popular equestrian blogger in the world - Matt Harnacke!  What an amazing day that was and the photos are fantastic. They are going on our new website which should be ready anytime soon. I know it looks tough but someone had to do it! Sorry!!  I am finalising a blog on the shoot and also have some really funny You Tube videos coming up of me interviewing Ellie and Matt!

More blog posts coming soon!



Erin x