As a way of celebrating the incredible success Black Heart Equestrian is having, we decided we would like to use our wide reach on social media and our wonderful customer base to help raise funds for charity.

Our plan is to always have at least one product available for sale where 100% of proceeds will go towards a nominated charity.

We have just created our first 2019 Charity Hoodies - these are limited edition boyfriend style hoodies in pink and grey, for sale online at £35.00.  A Limited Edition item means that it has been created as a ‘one-off’ design which won’t be repeated when the current stock runs out.  ALL proceeds after the cost of the hoodie will be donated to our chosen charity A-Sisterhood.  A-Sisterhood is a UK-based organisation that seeks to empower, support and protect women worldwide.  As a company run by women for women, Black Heart Equestrian is very proud to be able to support A-Sisterhood and it's series of international causes focused on helping women in need.  

Read more here about the amazing causes A-Sisterhood is involved with.

There is a particular reason we have chosen A-Sisterhood as our first charity to support - some of you will already know if you follow me on my personal Instagram page @erinwilliams1.  More details will be in another blog soon!

Later in the year we will be asking you for suggestions for the next nominated charity to support.

For those of you who have already purchased one of the hoodies, thank you so much for your support and if you are considering purchasing one, take a look at the great work done by A-Sisterhood :)