A topic I feel extremely passionate about is that of Helmet Safety.   I have very strong feelings about the importance of riding in a helmet. Other than for a professional photoshoot under controlled conditions, I would never consider riding without a helmet.

I think that it is very important for all equestrian brands to set a good example and not help to glamourise riding without a hat.  In fact, I think we can actually have a positive impact especially on the younger followers by promoting how good riders look whilst wearing a hat and staying safe.  We do try to avoid posting pictures with riders not wearing a hat but if we have to, we always include a disclaimer to help discourage others from doing so and promote helmet safety.



I have ridden horses since being little and not wearing a hat has literally never been an option for me. My Mum had a bad fall when she used to event and hit her head on the ground. She had a seizure on the way to hospital due to severe bruising to the brain. The doctors told her that without her hat she would have been dead. 

Despite this good education, when I first started competing abroad and seeing some of the European riders training without a helmet, I must admit it did look appealing. They looked so glamorous and never got hat hair! However, it was never an option for me and now there are so many gorgeous, flattering helmets out there why would any sane person not wear one? I have championed the campaign Riders 4 Helmets for many years and even when I reached the level where I can ride in a top hat (Prix St George dressage) I stick to wearing my helmet! Charlotte Dujardin set the best example when she chose to wear a helmet instead of the less secure top hat at the Olympics.

I am a ski instructor in my spare time and again, would never, ever not wear a helmet. There are so many horror stories out there about skiers and riders who have had major injuries and even died due to head trauma.  It was very real last year when a rider from Portugal who I competed against in the Junior European Championships sadly died after hitting his head in a fall, aged 18.

I hope that everyone will get on board with this and help us promote wearing a helmet.  #mindyourmelon #hathairdontcare #riders4helmets


Erin x