A 'base layer' refers to the layer of clothing that is closest to the skin. If you plan on spending time outdoors, choosing the right base layer is crucial for maintaining a comfortable body temperature.   Ideally, a base layer should be close-fitting and made from a moisture wicking material.  Layers can be added on top according to the weather and temperature.


Initially found in sports such as cycling and skiing where lightweight functional clothing plays an important part in performance, base layers have become a popular addition to many equestrian wardrobes.  Perfect for both high intensity and low intensity sport, they are ideal for all disciplines of riding activity.



A base layer is designed to trap a thin layer of air between the skin and material, which is then warmed by body heat.  Good quality base layers like Black Heart Equestrian's also have moisture wicking agents within the material which draws sweat away from the body, allowing it to evaporate from the outer surface of the material, keeping the rider dry and comfortable during active periods.



Most base layers are made from synthetic materials such as a polyester and elastane mix which makes them light weight and flexible.  With additional features such as a rating of UPF 50+, Black Heart's base layers are also perfect for summer months as they offer sun protection as well as being light weight and breathable.  Vest style sleeveless base layers are particularly suitable for hot weather activities.  Base layers are better for physical activity in the summer than tee shirts.  Most tee shirts are made from cotton which typically holds moisture plus they are not designed to fit as snugly as base layers. This makes it more difficult for the area between your skin and the material to become warm as a result of body heat.  Sweaty cotton tee shirts can make you feel chilly even on a warm day.



We have a large range of long sleeved base layers and sleeveless vests  made from a elastane and polyester mix making them extremely stretchy with a super soft 'peachy' inside.  They line dry quickly and thankfully don't need ironing!  A great feature is the very convenient hidden phone pocket with head phone/2-way training radio wire hole making them very practical for riding, yard and all sporting activities. The sports cuffs with thumb holes are ideal for winter months and the elasticated zipper pull doubles as an emergency hair tie - a must have for equestriennes!


We currently have base layers available in the following colours:


• Royal Blue • Black • Olive • Plum • Ink • Damson • Charcoal • Grey • Claret • Lavender • White • Camouflage • Forest Green • Teal