Hey guys!

I’m so sorry I’ve not done a blog in a while – things seem to have taken off here at Black Heart Equestrian and I’m kind of swamped!  It has been so busy with orders and planning that I even forgot that it was our first birthday on the 23rd of August! Next year we will have to celebrate properly!

One full year in business at Black Heart – where on earth did that time go?  Things feel crazy different, this time last year we were only selling a small range of hoodies and t-shirts and now we have a huge product range containing leggings, base layers, breeches, show shirts, hoodies, t-shirts, training outfits and accessories with many more things coming!

It’s been an incredible year establishing ourselves as a brand and figuring out who we are, marketing ourselves and connecting with our customers! I have to say that it’s been rather full on though as I currently studying for a Business degree at university as well as still riding my 3 horses daily in preparation for some international competitions this season.  On top of that,  I am currently the only staff member at Black Heart HQ (with help from my mum!) So it’s me replying to your emails, DM’s, comments, posting on social media and picking and packing your orders as well as modelling/content creating for our social medias, thank god the horses are at home and my Mum is now our main photographer! However I did manage to rope my beautiful twin cousins into doing a spot of modelling for us! See the photo below!


One of the biggest surprises for me this year has been your reaction to us on social media! I can’t believe the growth of this brand in just one year! We currently have over 35,000 Instagram followers and growing daily! Absolutely Incredible!    Another major surprise has been the international reaction to Black Heart.  We have now posted orders around the globe including China, Japan and South Korea, all over Europe and the US and as far afield as the Caribbean and Tasmania!  It’s been so funny selling knitted jumpers and pom pom hats to the southern hemisphere riders for their winter whilst we were baking in the hottest summer on record here in the UK!  

We are also now going to Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) and we are so excited! First time at this show for us and we cannot wait to meet you all! We will be located at stand G30 – please please pop in and say hi as we would love to meet more of you guys! Don’t forget to introduce yourself by your Instagram handle as that’s how we know most of you!!  We are also going back to Olympia again this year in December.  We have a bigger and better stall and may just have some new products launching at the show - keep your eyes peeled!

 Lastly…. talking about new products ahhhh! Every time a product comes to life, it is the most amazing feeling as these things take so long to design, develop, test, photograph and finally, arrive! This particular new product has been in development for months and months during which I have really put it to test both on and off the horse and even in the washing machine!!   I am really proud of this one and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you! Hope you guys love it!


Erin x