Spring: the season of the year between winter and summer, lasting from March to June when the weather becomes warmer, leaves and plants start to grow again and daylight hours get longer.


In many cultures spring is celebrated with festivals centering around the importance of food production with crop sowing and everywhere in nature coming out of winter dormancy.  

If you are a horse owner and/or rider living in the northern hemisphere, the advent of spring is most definitely seen as a time for celebration!  For horse lovers spring means:


  • spring grass:  a blessing and a curse (colic, laminitis and weight gain)!  
  • spring fizz: high sugar levels in the spring grass can make horses extra 'hot' and fizzy!  
  • no more clipping 
  • more daylight hours so more time for riding!
  • saving money as the horses are in their field longer so less hard feed and bedding
  • not having to muck out in the dark
  • spring clean time ... perfect time with the horses grazing outside more
  • time to wash winter rugs and store away
  • makeover time: spring coat grooming, bath time, check feet, worming, teeth check
  • time to tidy up paddocks
  • no.more.mud.
  • start getting competition ready
  • fun things reopening like cross country courses and rides
  • and of course ........... nicer weather so new outfit time!


Spring Wardrobe Ideas:

The UK spring weather can be sun or snow and everything in between! Long sleeve breathable base layers offer a great option for the cooler days which can be topped with our lightweight gilet. If it's particularly nice and a bit warmer, a short sleeved base layer is perfect with a hoodie on hand for when it gets chilly.


If we are super lucky and have some higher temperatures, the new Long Line Sports Bra paired with the Flex leggings can take you from hack out to work out!


Spring colours such as lavenders and pinks are great for a mood boost and a welcome change from darker winter colours. Neutrals like white, stone and caramel are great classic alternatives if you are not a fan of brighter colours.