We asked our CEO Erin Williams to choose 5 of her BHE faves. Keep reading for a round up of Erin's top picks this month:


It's so hard to pick just 5 products as I've designed and created what I love to wear myself!   All samples are made in a size small to my measurements for me to thoroughly test, wash and ride in everything before production.  I am extremely fussy about getting the fit just right which takes lots of back and forward with the factory to get a product approved for production.


But ..... if I really just had to pick just 5 ..............


1.  Cara Hybrids

I knew these were good when we first launched them but our Cara Hybrids have gone absolutely viral since dropping in 2022. I am so proud of this product as it was truly designed in the saddle.  Not a fan of old style breeches and loving our Flex leggings, I wanted stretchy breeches with silicone grip and a bit more structure than leggings for high level schooling.   I dislike weird 'socks' at the bottom and seams that make pressure points inside long riding boots or over the knee.  Plus of course I like everything to be super comfy and flattering. Constructed with just the right amount of stretch they suit every figure.


Best for: being comfy whilst looking smart when riding


2.  Flex Leggings 



These are the exact same design and fabric as when I started BHE in 2017.  The pocket on the side was a game changer at the time and has been the inspiration for many other brands 😏.  I rode in the samples so many times, always changing the pocket position so that it worked perfectly when in the saddle. I wear them for riding, work and the gym.  For traveling nothing comes close for comfiness other than maybe the BHE Essentials Joggers!




Best for:  Literally all day every day. 


3.  AirTec Sculpture Jacket

I started working on these jackets in early 2023 to get the fit and fabric perfect.  With added UV protection - UPF50+ - they're great as a top layer for summer and also a mid layer for winter. You will love the way these fit your figure!  They are currently available in three colours to match the Cara Hybrids - black, cranberry and chocolate.  I wear mine for riding, work and going to the gym

Best for: the gym and when you want to look put together out riding


4.  Bubble Print Hoodie

The new Bubble Print Hoodies keep selling out as they feel as good as they look! They're just the softest ever and insanely comfy.  Trust me on this as I hate scratchy 'school' hoodies.  The customer feedback we've seen is that you agree 😊.  We currently have 9 colour ways available (we have recently added 5 new colours - Cookie, Storm, Heather, Black and Orchid) but in true Black Heart style, it's highly likely we won't stop at 9.   I literally live in mine.



Best for: Girth math - as they can be worn day and evening, you of course need multiple colour options


5. Sneak Peek

If you've seen my You Tube or listened to my podcast Unbridled With Erin, you'll already know I am terrible at keeping new products a secret.  I get so excited, I can't help spilling the beans.   We have so many exciting new things coming this year it is getting even harder to keep me quiet!

So pick number 5 would have to be the new Horse Girl range launching soon.  It's something fun and perfect to wear everyday.  



 Coming soon!


I'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions for future products and colours.  Drop your ideas to me at info@blackheartequestrian.com. 


love Erin x