I created Black Heart whilst studying for a business degree at University four years ago this month!  I am not 100% sure why I thought it was the right time to start up a company but it definitely taught me more about business than my degree ever could!!


Over the past 4 years,  Black Heart has transformed from a small start up business into a truly international brand, selling all over the world!   As a result, we've had to move to a larger warehouse and we keep adding to our wonderful team in the Black Heart Office.  However, as we are now bursting at the seams and outgrowing the office space we are currently looking for more space for next year!



One of our biggest challenges this year (other than a worldwide pandemic of course!) has been trying to keep up with demand and selling out of our favourites quicker than expected.   In the summer restock, our best selling black Flex leggings sold out in 2 days so we are eagerly awaiting our next product drop next week.  It takes approximately 9 months from lab dipping new colours, to the fabric being woven through to production and delivery. So when I ordered the current stock last year, I hadn't anticipated how incredible the demand would be in 2021!  


Thankfully we have a huge delivery due next week with a big restock of our top selling Flex range. Some gorgeous new colours are being added plus a stunning new Limited Collection!   Also currently in production, is our fabulous new range of horse wear  - some of you may have already spotted pieces on social media as we have been testing everything out on the Black Heart horses 😏.




Finally, after months of development and endless trials, we now have a new range of breeches in production!!  These are simply gorgeous - the fit and fabric are to die for!  It has taken us so long to get them just right. They are a step up from our previous breeches with stretchier fabric and absolutely perfect for riders who prefer breeches to leggings.  They should hopefully be here within a couple of months.


For our leggings lovers,  we have a very exciting new product coming soon too ..... in 5 colours.  We are so excited to add these to our range as they are the perfect combination of leggings and breeches so something quite special!


In the winter we will be introducing our incredible brand new jackets, mid layers and gilets as well as some winter weight riding wear for the colder days.  So much coming, I just wish it could all hurry up!


There is even more newness coming later in the year including a great range of hoodies and tee shirts plus some lovely surprises for Christmas!


After being cancelled for 18 months due to covid, the major horse shows are starting to run again and we are very excited to be heading off to Horse of the Year Show in October and of course our favourite Olympia in December.  Hopefully we will see many of you there and be able to show off our new products :)


Of course none of this would be possible without our wonderful customers and I feel so proud of the fabulously supportive customer base and Black Heart community we have created over the past 4 years.   Thank you all for your support and confidence in Black Heart.


Erin xx


Erin Williams

Founder Black Heart Equestrian