We don't mean to alarm you, but winter is in full force and the cold weather is slowly approaching. Staying warm during winter rides isn't always easy, so here are 7 ways to stay warm in the saddle this season. 


1. Wear multiple layers


It's always tempting to put on a big jacket to protect you from the elements and keep you toasty. But the most effective way to keep warm is to wear multiple layers which can be added or removed depending on the conditions. Wearing multiple thin layers will trap the warm air between the layers acting as an insulator.   

The Stretch Luxe hoodie is the perfect base layer which can easily be added or removed. 



2. Start with a breathable layer 


Make sure that your base layer consists of a breathable material. You'll want your base layer to help wick sweat away from your body so you don't get chilled. But make sure it also has some insulating properties to help keep you warm. 


3. Use a waterproof outer layer


When choosing your layers, making sure that your outer layer is waterproof and windproof is the key to staying toasty. If your outer layer gets wet it's hard to stay warm, so choose a quality coat which gives you optimum waterproof protection. 


The Soft Shell Mid Layer Jacket featured in our Winter 21 Collection can be worn as an insulating mid layer or over a base layer to double as a wind and water repellent jacket. Its versatility makes it the perfect layer for all weathers.



4. Warm socks 


Thin boot socks will leave your toes cold during winter rides so be sure to opt for thick socks. Our riding socks are also breathable and moisture-wicking so you feet will remain warm and dry.




5. Wear winter breeches


Thick, thermal breeches are a great solution to making every winter ride a pleasure. Ensuring they are warm and water repellent is key to making sure you're warm and toasty even on the coldest and wettest of days. 


Luckily, our best selling Flex collection has undergone a huge transformation just in time for the winter months. Featuring a heavier weight material and peached, fleece lining, the leggings and base layers are designed especially for colder weather. 



6. Use hand and foot warmers


Why not keep some disposable hand and foot warmers in your tack box so you can slip them into your boots and gloves. 


7. Drink hot beverages 


Keep coffee, hot cocoa or your other favourite hot drinks on hand for when you're feeling the cold. Your warming beverage of choice is sure to stay warm in our hydro flask which also doubles as a water bottle, so you can beat the cold and enjoy those wintry days. 


- WARNING! Don't drink hot beverages through the straw.